Kyau & Albert support Set Me Free


In this week’s Euphonic Sessions, German trance veterans Kyau & Albert supported the “Kim Svärd Uplifting Remix” of Chase and my track “Set Me Free”. Head over to their website and give it a listen, or check it out below on FSOS Records’ soundcloud.


New Rusch & Murray out on Alter Ego


Greg’s and my new single “Shield Of Hearts” is out now on Alter Ego Progressive. Featuring vocals from Greg’s wife Jessica, the package comes with remixes from Orbion, Dreamy, and Electrovoya. If you’re curious to hear the evolution from idea to release, check out the concept demo at the bottom of the page.

“The Original mix is based round a gorgeous sun-kissed vocal, which begs to be played on white sands! Along with the vocal the duo suck you in with a poignant, plucked theme sequence which has everything needed to be an instant favourite! Chunky beats, warm undertones and a pallet of rich and addictive sounds for the summer months!”

Official news post on the Alter Ego website.


Set Me Free (ft. Chase)


My first collaboration with amazingly talented soon-to-be rising star “Chase”, is out on Beatport (Exclusive) today! As per usual, it will hit all major online outlets in two weeks time. For this track I looked to continue my melodic journey, letting myself be influenced by the more German sound of melodic mainstream trance, as it to me inherently is more progressive in nature than many other “sounds” within the melodic trance niche. For the instrumental mix I engaged an old friend from school, “Woodfield”, who is an amazingly talented instrumentalist, to play the guitar sections for the track. On remix duty are Kim Svärd (Magic Island), Daniel Ascot and Andy Field, with early support from Solarstone on Solaris International and Pedro Del Mar on Mellomania/Mellomania Vocal Trance Anthems.


Markus Schulz support in Sunrise Set


So it seems Markus Schulz really REALLY likes my chillout remix of “Masters & Nickson featuring Justine Suissa – Out There” as he, yet again out of the blue, featured it in one of his special mixes; this time in his 2013 Sunrise Set. So, if you’ve got two hours to fill with great music, why not check it out and await the grande finale. Peace and love!

Lifted from the soundcloud page: “It is one of the most anticipated Global DJ Broadcast episodes every year, and for many a highlight of the summer (no pressure guys!), where I dedicate myself to crafting a special 2 hour mix containing some of the most beautiful melodies and early morning moments that have graced the beaches and shores of Ibiza and beyond – the Sunrise Set.”


Set Me Free supported by Solarstone


“Tune in tonight for Solaris International #364 on Afterhours.FM at 7PM CET – packed with quality tunes from the likes of Matt Fax, Sargas, Paul Oakenfold, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Christian Rusch and many more!”

In tonight’s episode of Solarstone’s “Solaris International Episode #364” Rich featured the Kim Svärd (aka Kim Saya Road) Uplifting Remix of my forthcoming track with Chase, “Set Me Free”. Head over to to check out the show, and then swing by FSOS Records to get future updates. Also, why not dig through the archives and check out the Kim Svärd remix of my track Numb from FSOS001?

The Arp


Written after a blog-post by a headliner in the Anjunabeats team, talking about the importance of track names in the new age of digital non-physical releases, the fourth release on FSOS Records, “The Arp”, was the first of two tracks written in an attempt to make the most of a very simple concept. Uplifting, driving, and very much in to the point, The Arp delivers an intense journey through rough bass-frills, lush pads, ambient piano landscapes, and its namesake focal-point: the arp. Appropriately premiered at the Luminosity Beach Festival, this is a summer gem in its truest form. On remix duty is power-duo Sande & Acler who serve up a more big-room oriented take on the theme. Big synths, punchy rolling drum work, and huge hands-in-the-air type atmospheres, the Sande & Acler remix is THE track for trouse enthusiasts everywhere. The release hits Beatport on February 3rd. Check it out!


Daniel B & Seven – Altai (Christian Rusch Remix)


Today I have a new remix out on Beatport. Once the two week Beatport Exclusive has run its course, it will also be available in all major download stores. The original is a lush uplifter, so I decided I wanted to go it a slightly different route and set out to create a deeper, more bouncey number, with more silky textures and progressive vibes to bring out the melodies and accentuate the vocal samples. Hope you like it!


Numb out on Beatport Exclusive


Back in 2004 I per request produced the intro track for CD1 of Markus Schulz’s debut compilation on Armada, Coldharbour Sessions 2004. Today, it finally sees a release of its own, as it kicks off its two-week Beatport exclusive. Numb is release number one on the newly started Future Sound Of Sweden (FSOS) Records, starting off the catalogue at FSOS001. Along with the classic Original Mix are a selection of new mixes from Swedish artists Kim Svärd (Magic Island), Millaway (Blue Soho Recordings, Echelon Records), Daniel B, and myself.


Spider & Spitfire

During the past year I’ve been trying my hand at a lot of different styles of music that most of you probably won’t think of when thinking “Christian Rusch”; the two most recent remixes have been affiliated with fellow Stockholm-located maniac producer Stana, with a heavyish in part 3:4 structured remix of his track Spider (out on Detox) and an electroish remix of Johann Stein’s “Spitfire” (out on Stana’s TechManiac Records) which to date is the most licensed mix on the label.

Check them out and buy them here:



Suburbia X

Suburbia X

Techno & Tech-house Arena

JOEL MULL (Drumcode, Truesoul)
PLEASUREKRAFT (Kraftek, Great Stuff)
TECHNOBILEN (Subway Culture)
MARCUS STORK (Structure)
LASAK (Suburbia,Technostate)

Stay Fresh Area (Future Sound Of Sweden)

KEN 1 (Suburbia)

Join FSOS at Suburbia X, the last Suburbia party of 2010. On stage, among others: Joel Mull, Pleasurekraft, and the FSOS crew. Saturday, December 4th; 22-07. Follow the link for more information:

FSOS Summer Party Tracklist

00. Gemini’s Edge – Save You (Christian Rusch Remix)
01. Jaimy & Kenny D – Caught Me Running (Tiësto Summer Breeze Mix)
02. Solar Stone – Seven Cities (Paris & Sharp Remix)
03. V-One – Dead Cities (Original Mix)
04. Miro – By Your Side (Ian Wilkie Mix)
05. Three Drives – Greece 2000 (Lucky 7 Remix)
06. Chakra – Love Shines Through (Martin Roth’s In Electro Love Dub Mix)
07. Jaytech – Pyramid (Dinka Mix)
08. Origin – Wide Eyed Angel (Oliver Lieb Remix)
09. Veit – Sky (Magik Muzik Remix)
10. Tilt – I Dream (Tilt’s Resurrection Mix)
11. Kamaya Painters – Endless Wave (Albion Mix)
12. The Blizzard with Gåte – Iselilja (Michael Cassette Remix)
13. Art Of Trance – Madagascar (Ferry Corsten Remix)
14. Envio – For You (Original Mix)
15. Jan Johnston – Sleeping Satellite (Kenneth Thomas Remix)
16. DJ Tiësto ft. BT – Love Comes Again (Original 12″ Mix)
17. DJ Tiësto – Traffic (Original Mix)
18. Faithless – We Come One (Hiver & Hammer Remix)
19. Giuseppe Ottaviani ft. Stephen Pickup – No More Alone (Original Mix)

Classy From The Outside on VANDIT

VANdig 035

My track with Tyler Michaud has finally been released; it’s out already – exclusively – on Beatport, and will see a full release on December 12th. Check Vandit Digital for more info; it’s the B-side on Tyler’s digital EP “Numb Crimson Dream” (VANdig 035).

VANdig 035

Waterdrops ready for release!


DJ & Producer Toonpaz joins Alter Ego with this stunning trance production entitled Waterdrops. With its enchanting melody and uplifting grooves this is quite simply a beautiful peace of music.

On remix duty first is Christian Rusch who has given his remix a deeper groove overall but it works extremely well here. Still keeping the stunning melody and uplifting elements of the original this is a worthy alternative.

Go HERE for more info.

Release date is May 5th, 2008.

March update


Having returned from my trip to Southeast Asia, I have yet again refocused my efforts on music and have since finished two tracks for the album, my Christian Rusch Remix of Perpetual featuring Fisher‘s “Innocent”, as well near finished my Christian Rusch Remix of a tune by Michael Splint featuring Sasja, a new take on an old trancey breaks tune I did with Özgür Can back in 2003, and two new more full-on trance singles. Moreover, Steve “Thrillseekers” Helstrip was in town this past week – playing for Monday Bar at GK – and club premiéred the “Christian Rusch Club Mix” of my “Then Came The Rain”, prompting much appreciative crowd reactions.

Travelling in Southeast Asia


As of the 28th of January I am travelling around Thailand and Malaysia, and will be stationed in Phuket (Thailand), and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) for some 40 days. If you are in Phuket or Kuala Lumpur, keep your eyes and ears open for Christian Rusch gigs in the Patong Beach and the KLCC (Zouk/Loft) areas. Worth checking out in the mean time are Club Lime in Patong (Phuket) and Zouk (KL). Inquiries can be sent to Check this website for further updates!

6 Hour Marathon Tracklist


01. Infected Mushroom – Apogiffa Night (Original mix)
02. Joker Jam – Innocence (PvD remix)
03. Ralphie B – Massive (Mirco de Govia remix)
04. Chicane – Autumn Tactics (Thrillseekers remix)
05. Rusch & Murray – The Promise (Original mix)
06. Viframa – Cristalle (Original mix)
07. Paul van Dyk – Autumn (Rusch & Murray remix)
08. Empyreal Sun – Twisted Reality (Original mix)
09. Masters & Nickson – Out There (5th Dimension) (Original mix)
10. Aurora ft. Natalie Coleman – Sleeping Satellite (Super 8 remix)
11. Aalto – Rush (Super 8 remix)
12. Rusch & Murray – Epic (Above & Beyond remix)
13. Laura Turner – Soul Deep (Signum Extended Club mix)
14. Darren Tate vs Jono Grant – Nocturnal Creatures (Original mix)
15. The Scarab – Vagabond (Christian Rusch’s Intro mix)
16. Elles de Graaf – Circles of Why (Greg Murray remix)
17. Salt Lake – Rendezvous (Rusch & Elusive remix)
18. Paul van Dyk – Autumn (Rusch & Murray remix)
19. Paul van Dyk & Second Sun – Crush (Vandit Dub mix)
20. Tilt – Children (Tilt’s Courtyard mix)
21. Alias – Missouri (Original mix)
22. Miika & J00F – Le Voyage (Original mix)
23. Domenick Filopei – Adironda (Rusch & Elusive remix)
24. Nitin Sawhney – Breathing Light (Original mix)
25. Grayarea – Yewminist (Original mix)
26. Elusive & Espen – Poetic Penetration (Original mix)
27. Prodigy – Mindfields (Original mix)
28. Mana – Psionic (Original mix)
29. Ictus – The Look (Chris Lake Dirty Breaks mix)
30. Prodigy – Claustrophobic Sting (Original mix)
31. Christian Rusch – Numb (Part 1) (Original mix)
32. 8 Wonders – 8th Wonder of the World (LikWit & Espen remix)
33. Christian Rusch – Out-Of-Body Experiment (Original mix)
34. A Matsumoto & DJ Yoshi – Dreamer (Luke Chable remix)
35. Icone – Desire (Icarus mix)
36. Chicane – Sunstroke (Disco Citizens remix)
37. Paul van Dyk – Movement (Original mix)
38. Futureshock – Sparc (Original mix)
39. Safri Duo – Played-A-Live (Nick Sentience remix)
40. Solid Sleep – Club Attack (Paul van Dyk TPOD mix)
41. Paul van Dyk – Vega (Starecase remix)
42. Rusch & Murray – I Believe (Original mix)
43. Brisky – First Light (Mike Shiver Dub mix)
44. Rob Mooney – Feelin’ Electro (Valentino Kanzyani remix)
45. Tjark – Traum (Lützenkirchen remix)
46. Zero 7 – Home (Mike Foyle remix)
47. RMB – Deep Down Below (Humate remix)
48. Tyler Michaud ft. Marcie – Dirty Girl (Original mix)
49. Ferry Corsten – Beautiful (Original mix)
50. Armin van Buuren – Saturday Night vs Simon & Shaker – Zero (Bootleg mix)
51. Primate C – Be Free (Duderstadt Uplifting Dub mix)
52. Pryda – Remember (Original mix)
53. Paulo Mojo – 1983 (Eric Prydz remix) vs Pryda – Aftermath (Original mix) vs Karen Overton – Your Loving Arms (A cappella)
54. Primate C – Be Free (Duderstadt Uplifting Dub mix)
55. 2 Digital – Because Of My Dreams (Original mix) vs Primate C – Be Free (Duderstadt Uplifting Dub mix) vs VDM – Flowtation 2007 (Signum Signal remix)
56. Ronski Speed – The Space We Are (Hydroid remix)
57. Jonas Steur – Second Turn (Original mix) vs Emjay & The Atari Babes – Stimulate (Dogzilla’s Depth Charge mix)
58. Affective – Befalling (Original mix)
59. Miika Kuisma & OlliS – Take Another Look (Original mix)
60. Mellomaniacs – Tribute to 1998 (Pedro del Mar remix)
61. HH presents ICE EP – ICE 794 (Thanks To Berlin Dub mix) vs VDM – Flowtation 2007 (Signum Signal remix)