November Update

It’s been a long time since I last tuned in here, and a lot of things have happened. Last winter after my last post here, health forced me to slow down and take a break from organizing events, working insane hours and not taking care of myself. Spring came around and FSOS Events™ hosted ONE NIGHT LIVE with Chicane (Live), The Thrillseekers Live Xtreme, Airwave (live) in part with Ferry Tayle (a Cape Town special), Ferry Tayle solo, Johan Ekman, and Johan Vilborg to warm it all. After that focus was turned back to FSOS Live™, as state-of-the-art live-system that puts the conventional DJ to shame. So, currently a video demo of the live system has been recorded and is being edited for release; we (FSOS Live™) are also less than a month away from having DonDale return to our native soil and the FSOS Studios, having been away on tour in Afghanistan.

Music-wise I’ve gotten back to work on quite a bit of old work, readying it for release on FSOS Records™. Scheduled for release are “Numb”, “The Arp”, “Then Came The Rain” and a number of other tracks that we’ll keep unnamed for the time being. Also, I’ve been working on a number of bootlegs, remixes, etc. Flip over to the Media/Audio tab to check out some of the stuff I’ve been working on; among other tracks being bootlegged are Chicane’s “Offshore” and Three Drive’s “Greece 2000”. If you like the tunes, head over to SoundCloud and follow my stream… leave a comment or two regarding what appeals to you, and about what doesn’t; your input is always appreciated.

All the best from Sweden!