Aftermath: Monday Bar Summer Cruise

I want to send out a warm heartfelt “Thank YOU!” to everyone that set foot on the dancefloor during Carl’s and my set during the second day of the Monday Bar Summer Cruise this past weekend. It was inarguably some of the most fun I’ve had in recent years, and both Carl and I agreed that we just didn’t want to stop playing.┬áSo, thank you (!!!) for letting us give, and for receiving with open arms – we fed off your energy and loved every second of it! Thank you, Staffan and Johnny (and everyone else involved – from the cleaners on the boat to the higher uppers who let Monday Bar rent their boat) for, yet again, making the cruises happen and for entrusting Carl and myself with the main floor. Thank you, my friends and loved ones (none named, none forgotten), and everyone I spent time with on the boat – you all helped shape what was (yet again) an unforgettable experience. Photos, videos, and sound bytes will be posted as they arrive in my inbox.

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