Set Me Free (ft. Chase)

My first collaboration with amazingly talented soon-to-be rising star “Chase”, is out on Beatport (Exclusive) today! As per usual, it will hit all major online outlets in two weeks time. For this track I looked to continue my melodic journey, letting myself be influenced by the more German sound of melodic mainstream trance, as it to me inherently is more progressive in nature than many other “sounds” within the melodic trance niche. For the instrumental mix I engaged an old friend from school, “Woodfield”, who is an amazingly talented instrumentalist, to play the guitar sections for the track. On remix duty are Kim Sv√§rd (Magic Island), Daniel Ascot and Andy Field, with early support from Solarstone on Solaris International and Pedro Del Mar on Mellomania/Mellomania Vocal Trance Anthems.


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